Macnab' Hunting and Fishing challenge ...

Where does the Macnab originate

The Macnab originates from a Scottish poacher/challenger, John Macnab who delivered a challenge note to three Scottish Landowners, declaring that him and two of his cronies where to poach as a challenge 2 deer (one for each hunter) and a salmon for the third fellow on their land without being caught. The Landlords hired guards 24 hours a day and rated Macnabs success as one in a hundred. Well, the rest is history and McNabs went on to become a legend.

The modern day Macnab challenge has evolved to become a lot less about not getting caught and more about capturing your prized animal before the sun sets. The challenge is for each hunter to catch a fish on a fly, shoot a bird on the wing and hunt an antelope – all between sunrise and sunset on the same day.  The successful hunters will get a bona fide certificate to prove to their friends and family it REALLY did happen!


BRONZE: US$750  (April to end October)
Rock pigeon or Guinea fowl
 Rainbow Trout or Bass on fly
 White Blesbuck

SILVERUS$ 875  (May to end August)
Guinea fowl or Greywing Partridge
 Rainbow Trout on fly
 Mountain Reedbuck Ram

GOLD: US$1250 (May to end September)
Greywing or any Duck or any Goose
 Rainbow or Brown trout on fly
 Trophy Fallow Deer stag or Grey Rhebuck

PLATINUM: US$3 500  (May to end September)
Greywng or any Duck or any Goose
 Rainbow or Brown trout on fly
 Trophy Red Lechwe Ram

Plus 2 nights @ US250 per night – meals included
 Includes picnic lunch while in the field on Mc Nab day.
 Optional Game Drives @ US$50 per person (minimum charge $200)
 Observers $185 per person per night.