Rifle Hunting

Angus Brown Safaris has many years of rifle hunting experience and many happy clients, with great trophies, to show for it. South Africa consists of a wide range of climate zones, and habitats, each with its unique offering of huntable species. We offer fantastic hunting opportunities, for virtually any species, in the Highveld and Bushveld, and customize each safari, based on the wishes of the hunter.

Our home area is "Paradijs" located in the Highveld of the Free State, a 2 1/2 hour drive to the southeast of the Johannesburg International Airport. This beautiful mountainous area offers the opportunity to take numerous Highveld trophies. Hunting for Bushveld species is conducted on concessions in the nearby Kwa Zulu-Natal province, as well as Limpopo, and the Eastern Cape. Depending on your wishes, you may spend all of your time in one location, or make a move, and enjoy hunting in a new environment.

In the thick vegetation of the Bushveld, shots are normally in the range of 100 yards. Shots in the open terrain of the Highveld tend to be a bit longer, usually about 200 yards. Rifles in the .270 to .375 range, with quality, heavy,soft nose bullets are recommended. Flatter shooting calibers such as 7mm Mag or 300 Win Mag are appropriate for the Highveld.

All rifle hunting is conducted on a ' walk and stalk ' basis. Only our disabled hunters shoot from vehicles. You and your Professional Hunter will have the use of a reliable hunting vehicle, and once your trophy is bagged, and you have had the opportunity to take photographs, it will be transported to the skinning shed, where our skinners will prepare the horns, cape, and skin, according to your instructions. You will then be able to continue the hunt for your next trophy, accompanied by your Professional Hunter.  

At the conclusion of your stay with us, we will take you to meet the taxidermist who will handle your trophies. We have been using the same taxidermist for decades, and assure that your trophies will be well cared for.  From dip and pack, to full body mounts and tanned hides, all of the details will be handled promptly, and professionally.