About Angus Brown Safaris

Welcome to Angus Brown Safaris, the home of legends. Hunting with us will be different in so many ways, promising "Old School Safaris" in Africa and abroad.

Our extensive global hunting experience covers bow, shotgun, rifle and handgun from Antelope to Zebra the diminutive suni to elephant, covering plains game, prestigious/exotic game to down right dangerous game. We also do bird hunting and freshwater fishing for those wanting more hunting pleasure.

Our accommodation is cozy, our staff friendly and our fires warm. With Angus Brown Safaris you are guaranteed lots of adventure, great campfire stories and bragging rights to some of the greatest trophies. We also encourage you to bring your family and friends, with much more to see and do in terms of bird viewing, hiking, biking and good old-fashioned walks in mother nature.

Hunt with a legend
With over thirty five years of experience, Angus Brown Safaris knows how to make your African hunting dreams come true.  We will assist you with every aspect of your safari planning, and ensure that your hunt exceeds your expectations.

He has led his clients to thousands of trophies over the past 35 years, and has extensive experience with dangerous game, using both bow and rifle.
He has personally hunted all over South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zaire , Botswana and Mozambique. He has also taken many North American species in Canada, Alaska, the North Pole and the lower 48. He has also hunted extensively in Europe, Australia and most recently in Kazakhstan.