Dale & Patty Linkhart (Idaho)
Thanks to Angus Brown Safaris our trip was everything we expected and more. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. From the time we got on the airplane in Boise Idaho and realized that we are really on our way to South Africa, it was great. Home life was easily forgotten and we began to wonder what it would be like in South Africa. We only had to worry about two things. Will our archery equipment get there? Will someone be there to pick us up? We were so relieved when luggage made it and when Nick and Sarah were there. From then on it was a dream come true adventure.

The hospitality and accommodation were wonderful. The hunting was fabulous with our bows and camera and so many animals to choose from. It’s so nice to be able to hunt without being interrupted by other hunters. Thanks to all of you! Our trophies are far more that what we expected along with the awesome hunting experience. You not only fulfilled our dream but with our photos and stories our fellow hunting partners in Idaho are now dreaming of a trip like ours as well.

We thank all of you so much for making us feel so comfortable and at ease for a wonderful adventure. Angus, Jenny, Nick and Sarah deserve our special thank you for making our 10 year anniversary the best we could ever imagine.

Angus: Thank you for telling me to wait for the big Kudu (Aladdin) and going out of your way to find my Gemsbok.
Jenny: Thanks for your wonderful company and shopping experience in town.
Nick: Thank you for your hunting advice and your amazing tracking skills. Also a big thanks to your terrier dog [Nyathi] for finding Patty’s hog.
Sarah: Thanks for putting rose petals on our bed as requested.
Note: Both our parents are proud and bragging to others about our hunting experience, we just can’t thank you enough.

Ron Conley
"I have told all my patients what a great hunt I had and actually have one fellow hunter interested in an archery hunt! ... You all did such a great job on our behalf, I want to thank you and your family again for everything."

Sandy and Chuck Frick
"We have enjoyed being with you these past two weeks. Staying at your hunting camp was a wonderful experience. The hunting was good and we loved being part of your family at meal time."

Bob & Linda Kuntz
"We would like to thank you again for a very memorable vacation."

Michael Zalsman
"Again 'thank you' BAIE DANKIE for the best trip and/or hunt I have ever had.... I miss you all very much and cannot wait until I return."

Gary Griffith
"Hello all!! I know I've contacted you a couple of times since we've been home but not yet just to say thanks. Our hunt could not have been better. We enjoyed meeting all of you and the family atmosphere at Angus Brown Safaris made each of us feel right at home. I trust you know you have a place to 'hang your hat' anytime you find yourself in Amarillo...I sure hope to be able to return for a chance to use it to get a picture of me with my buffalo. My best to all!! Gary"

Rick Conley
"Angus, Jenny, Nick & Sarah, ... Thanks so much for everything!! That was the best hunting trip I've ever been on. Great weather, great food, great hunting and the very best - fantastic people. I can't think of anything I could have even dreamed to make it better ... We have memories to last a lifetime and the special people we shared that adventure with made it even better.
Best regards, Rick Conley.

Robert Gaitan
"I can't possibly express in writing the fun I had the last two weeks. Angus, you should be very proud of the way Nick and Sarah represent your company. And when ever you decide to retire, I'm sure the won't let you down. I look forward in returning with my son ."

Sam Nelson
I've been on many hunts with many different outfitters. I've hunted with varous friends and acquaintances that have been memorable and some that were forgettable. This hunt has been the best in my life - our group was the best group of guys I could have been with, and of course Angus Brown Safaris is second to none.

Doug &Barbi Shelton
Trips of a lifetime do not come around often, but to have shared them with you is priceless. Barbi and I appreciate your hospitality - ya'll are the best!! May the African Bloodbrother campfire continue to burn bright in each of us. Thanks for everything. Remember you are always welcome in our home.

Robert Gaitan
I can't beleive my trip is over. It's individuals like your self and family that make a trip like this memorable. I will see you soon.

Jack Petersen
It's hard to say something that hasn't been said over and over. Thats because its all true. South Africa, the animals and mostly the people here at Angus Brown Safaris are world class. Thank you very much for a great holiday.

Lewis Fisher
This has been the trip of a liftetime. The people, staff were outstanding - Angus, Nick, Jenny, Sarah and Spike were the nicest people I have ever hunted with. Thanks for a great time.

Kevin Robinson
I wish I lived around here so Nick and I could go hunting all the time! Whenever I think of Africa I'll see Angus & Jenny, Nick & Sarah and I'll be here, where I've always dreamed to be. But the best thing is Megan had so much fun, I get to come back.

Albert & Alta Carlton
Thanks so much for an absolutely awesome South African Experience! Without you guys it wouldn't have been so fabulous. I hope some day we can return. I can't think of a day without pleasure and memories created. Best wishes for happiness, health & success. (Alta)
Thank you for the terrific time and all the fabulous hunting. (Albert)

Paul Kryscuk
I had a million things to write, but they all boil down to the same thing. You have a great operation and it reflects the type of great people you are. I am totally impressed and I don't get impressed by much. I only hope I can repay you. See ya next year.

Swedish & British rifle hunting group
We have had a great time - having exploited all hours of the day the animals sometimes look bigger, sometimes much smaller. The attention to detail and the professionalism in getting us into the right position is most appreciated. The laughs have been lifting the roof. Many thanks to everyone, you have been so good to us. I will never forget the wonderful days we have had. Angus, Jenny, Nick, Sarah, Grant and everyone - we owe you our thanks. We had everything including moonshine and thunderstorm. Welcome to the UK and Sweden